Ethnicity standard classification: Findings from public consultation [2019]

Stats NZ has recently published the findings from public consultation relating to ethnicity standard classification. The primary aim of the consultation was to investigate the suitability of the existing classification in meeting current and future data needs of users. The consultation sought to assess if the current classification:

  • was fit for purpose and was performing adequately
  • reflected current practice and the contemporary reality of the ethnicities of people in New Zealand

The findings in the report are themed as follows:

  • clarification of the definition of ethnicity
  • ethnicity or nationality/country of origin or race?
  • clarify use
  • representation of ethnicities
  • incorrect name or label
  • missing categories
  • the problem with ‘other’
  • structural issues with the classification
  • categories at the wrong level or in the wrong grouping
  • groupings are too broad
  • reorganisation needed
  • operational issues

The next steps highlighted the intent to engage further and broader before Stats NZ make any decisions on what changes to make.

For more information or questions about the findings, contact:

Full report

Ethnicity standard classification: Findings from public consultation [2019]