Cultural complexities in capacity assessments


Cross-Cultural Interest Group Zoom Webinar October 2020

This presentation will be focusing on older people and through it, participants will gain more understanding of what it is meant by capacity, when and how to conduct a capacity assessment, and how cultural factors can impact on decision making and capacity determinations.


Tuesday 20th October, 2020




Available as Zoom Webinar


Dr Alexa Srzich

Dr Alexa Srzich

Event Guest Speaker
Psychogeriatrician at Mental Health Services for Older People, Auckland DHB

Dr Alexa Srzich is a psychogeriatrician currently working with the Auckland District Health Board Mental Health Services for Older People. He also has a small private psychiatric practice, in which he is frequently requested to conduct capacity assessments. He is a fellow of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. Alexa completed his medical training through Otago University and his psychiatric training through the Auckland Regional Psychiatric Registrar Training Programme. He has also worked in Northland and Australia in his roles as a general and Old Age psychiatrist. Alexa is of Croatian descent, with most of his extended family still living in Croatia. He has strong ties to his Croatian cultural heritage.

Jim Xu

Jim Xu

Event MC, CCIG Advisory Group Member
Nurse Practitioner Intern and Webinar facilitator at Community Mental Health Services for Older People, Auckland District Health Board

Jim is a Nurse Practitioner Intern currently working at ADHB community mental health service for older people. Jim immigrated to New Zealand from China in 2002. He studied nursing at The University of Auckland and obtained both Bachelor and Master degrees in Nursing. Jim worked at Fraser McDonald Unit previously which is an inpatient mental health service for older people. Jim advocates patient centred care and evidence based practice; he focuses on the improvement of quality care for older people with mental health illness. Due to his own cultural background, Jim has a good understanding about cultural differences and cultural safety. Jim has a strong interest in promoting cultural safety for Asian people with mental illness.